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Third Shift

Posted on Fri Jun 9th, 2017 @ 5:00pm by Commander Dr. Farkas Vanth D.V.M., M.D.

Mission: Dangers Unseen
Location: Bridge
Timeline: Current

The U.S.S. Hope had been traveling at warp toward her rendezvous with the U.S.S. Oblivious for several hours now. The bridge was currently on medium lighting for the midday shift. The chief ops. was currently on duty, and nothing major was going on as all the turbolifts hissed open at once.

Being the third in command one of Doctor Vanth's prerequisites was to take a duty shift no less then three times a month, and s/he requested this one. S/he along with several other members of the third shift entered the bridge simultaneously.

Standing mechanically the Ops. Officer stood out of the center chair and produced a PADD with her report. "Computer, set night watch."

The computer instantly chirped and the lights dimmed to their 'night watch' setting.

Methodically Doctor Vanth stepped up to the center seat, and accepted the PADD from Ops. "I have the bridge," s/he announced.

"Acknowledged, Chief Medical Officer has the bridge!" The female Ops. echoed. She then turned to leave. Meanwhile all the other positions went through standard shift rotations.

Vanth looked around tail wagging, happy with the smoothness of the shift change. S/he checked to see whom had joined hir. S/he was surprised to see that save for the Hermat at helm, coincidentally this day all the members of the shift were otherwise female. S/he took hir seat and began reviewing the PADD. "Computer, enter into the log, begin night watch."

The computer chirped happily compliant.

{A few hours later}

Amiri was enjoying a nice bubbly caffeinated beverage, and the entire bridge were going about their duties, while simultaneously passing the time with some popular music, and a game of "truth or dare." (Of course mostly they were playing just "truth" since dares had to be a little toned down and bland given their current situation and surroundings.)

Schmartness had declined to answer her 'truth,' and so it was up to Amiri who's turn it was to think of a dare. "Okay Schmartness... I dare you too.... wear your commbadge upside-down for the remainder of the shift."

The Vulcan at Ops 'herumphed' but immediately followed orders. Followed by various light jovial outbursts from the others, and Vanth's tail thumping against the one of the armrests.

Just then an alert arose from the helm. "Sir, we're 10 light-minutes out from our rendezvous with the Oblivious"

"Slow to impulse, Ensign LaGrange to the bridge!"



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