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Interstitial Contact - Conclution

Posted on Mon May 22nd, 2017 @ 3:23pm by Commander Dr. Farkas Vanth D.V.M., M.D.
Edited on on Mon Jan 1st, 2018 @ 11:27pm

Mission: Changing the Guard
Location: Conference Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 1

“With this new mission parameter we’ve been assigned,” Varik began, “our first stop on the Inconnu tour is here,” he continued, plying the controls on the table before him to bring up a holographic representation of a tiny star system of five planets, ranging from rocky, terrestrial twice, an interruption of asteroidal conglomeration, Jovian and ice dwarf, respectively. “We call it Ab-incon-3. It’s the home to these people,” he gestured to the viewer mounted behind his own head, which displayed a being that was oddly familiar to all gathered.

“Sir? Is that a Tzenkethi?” Henry asked. He had read up on the different known species that occupied the Inconnu region but they all kind of ran together in his head.

Doctor Vanth stood taking that to be hir cue. S/he approached the viewer at the far end of the table which afforded the best view for all present.  “Yes, or rather, more accurately it’s an offshoot of the Tzenkethi, a non-xenophobic group calling themselves the Abtzent.”  Doctor Vanth accessed and began to scroll through several images on screen which began to detail some of of their physiology as s/he began hir portion of the brief.

“Their physiology is externally humanoid, but internally quite different.  The Tzenkethi skeleton – and conversely the Abtzent’s as well – is made up of several fluid-filled sacs, which can be contracted and expanded at will.  This allows an unusual flexibility for a humanoid body.  Their customary sitting position involves wrapping the legs around the main body, giving them the appearance of having been cut in half.”

Vanth paused to take in some water from hir glass near-by.

“Their internal anatomy contains bones only along their spines.  Tzenkethi skin tones cover the entire range of the visible spectrum, from pale green or brown, through blue, yellow and orange, to bright red and silver.  Skin colors appear to correlate with an individual’s function in society, with duller colors belonging to lower echelons and brighter colors to the upper echelons.  Their skin is naturally bioluminescent.  They have ovoid-shaped eyes, voices that sound like bells, and are described as being very tall and visually attractive to most other races, even non-humanoid ones.”

Vanth paused, looking across hir audience as s/he drank some more water. S/he tried to judge if anyone had any questions and gave hir friends and crewmates time to absorb the information.

Henry listened as the Doctor spoke the biology lesson was interesting, but he was unsure why he was here listing to it he was an engineer who moonlighted as a flight control officer, not a Doctor. “Sir, exactly what is our mission?” He asked.

Liam looked to Ens. LaGrange gratefully, then back to the Doctor with his eyebrow being raised. The Engineer was quite glad the Helsman had spoken up. He too was getting overwhelmed by ‘this’ biology lesson.

The doctor glanced to Varik briefly to be sure s/he had this right before continuing.

With a nod and a gesture of his hand Raymond indicated the doctor was on the right path and had his permission to continue.

“This is a diplomatic mission, we’re to host the Abtzent and we will need to be aware of their unique biological needs in order to prepare a space for them in the sphere section to accommodate their environmental needs,” Vanth said confidently. S/he glanced at Varik again then to hir seat, hoping he would take the reigns again, s/he wasn’t used to being the center of attention.

Doctor Vanth made eye-contact with Drake.  “Engineering, we need you to coordinate with Ops, Science, and perhaps Medical in order to set up special accommodations in the sphere-section for the Abtzent.”

Drake looked up at the Doctor with his eyes, not moving his head, giving a rather doubtful look, but complied. He was sure they could make the changes necessary, but was just curious as to how bizarre or ridiculous there needs might be.  Slightly disgruntled he replied, “Yes Doctor. I will be more than happy to assist you and Operations in this endeavor.” The last was just a touch sarcastic. His eyes shifted to the Captain and he sat up straighter, but added nothing more.

Captain Raymond leaned forward, in support of his Chief Medic, “Is there a problem ensign?”

“No Sir,” Drake quickly replied in a professional tone. He realized he should not have let his feelings of the situation be expressed in his comment or expression earlier. He knew that was not something one did in front of a commanding officer. He refocused his mind on the situation.

Vanth picked up on hir friend’s emotions, and knew guessed that he wasn’t exactly truthful.  S/he might have to talk with him later, and perhaps give him a few words of encouragement.

S/he looked at LaGrange, “We will need to set a course for the rendezvous point that incorporates a stop to pick up some new crew as well.  Also, I need you and Engineering to come up with accommodations to shuttle the Abtzent delegates aboard and get them from the shuttlebay to their quarters.  Due to their unique physiology we will not be able to use the transporter.”

“I think that we can do that. I will have a plan together shortly,” Henry said.

Drake looked over to LaGrange, “Ensign, let me see that ‘plan’ of yours as soon as possible. I would want to approve it quickly, so we can make those necessary changes.”

“Of course Sir.” Henry replied before turning to the Doctor.  “Just to make sure I am clear about this I have to ask, are there any modifications to the atmosphere or modification of the gravity field along the route between the shuttle and the quarters they will be using?”

“As far as gravity, they should be fine at current levels.  As for the rest, we do not have that information at this time.  We are scheduled to intercept a transmission en route,” Raymond chimed in. He glanced around the room.

Vanth mirrored Raymond glancing around as well.  “Is there anything else?”

“I don’t have anything”. Henry replied.

Liam crossed his arms on his chest and looked down and thought about the few details they had for these creatures. He was really not happy about treating ‘fish’ like royalty.

“Then that is all;” Raymond said.  “meeting adjourned.”  The Vulcan and Caninoid said in near unison.


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