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Hope encounters a world whose people are of a mix of many species not native to said world. She moves in to investigate, and, if possible, make diplomatic overtures.

Part of Season 2

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A Hopeful Prologue

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The Hope is docked at the Providence Fleet Yards undergoing the final stages of refit and resupply. As the work continues the new crew arrives. There is still work to do to get the ship ready on time and new crewmates to meet.

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Dangers Unseen

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After a successful launch, the Hope and her crew are enroute to the Carnwennan Corridor. As they approach their destination they come across a heavily damaged civilian ship (its crew is mostly dead). As the crew of the Hope tries to discover just what happened to the shuttle they start to suffer from memory loss.

Can the crew find out what happened to the shuttle and what if anything it has to do with the memory problems plaguing the crew?

Part of Season One

Changing the Guard

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Mission Overview

[The steps of the mission overview will be released as they become relevant to upcoming events in the story.]

0. The Abtzent have been offered a seat in the Khitomer Accords even though we have hardly met them.

1. The trouble begins when the Hope detects an odd reading during their entry pass of the Abtzent Oort cloud. Could be a starship, could be an errant asteroid.

2. The current mission is explained: we have made contact with an offshoot of the Tzenkethi, a non-xenophobic group calling themselves the Abtzent. They are physically fragile as the Tzenkethi and just as beautiful, but also far more open and willing to deal with others.

Part of Season One

The Retrieval

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Chief Medical Officer Vanth and Captain Varik are ambushed and left stranded in an alien environment, and work through interpersonal issues before their eventual rescue.

Part of Season 2