The Sim

Here is our story so far.

2387: The USS Hope puts into the Providence Ship Yards for refit and resupply.

2388: After six months the Hope was relaunched under the command of Lieutenant Commander Maxwell McNeil. The Hope was assigned to Bravo Fleet’s Task Force Seventy-Two. The Hope was tasked to under take a six moth cruse through the Inconnu Corridor to provide medical support as needed and undertake medical research and exploration.

While enroute to the entrance to the corridor the Hope as come across a derelict Romulan shuttle. The shuttle was brought aboard and an investigation was conducted.

Lieutenant Commander Maxwell McNeill stepped down as Commanding Officer of the starship Hope, replaced with Captain Varik Raymond.

2389: Commensurate with the indefinite extension of the Hope's Inconnu Expanse tour, a Mission Advisor is grafted into the ship's command structure.