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Lieutenant Commander Maxwell McNeil

Name Maxwell McNeil

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'-8"
Weight 130
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Left Eye: Blue Right Eye: Green
Physical Description Max is of average height and build. It is his different colored eyes that people notice about him.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Don
Mother Betty
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Max is quick witted but his deadpanned delivery leads people to often miss the joke. His calm demeanor makes him good in an emergency
Strengths & Weaknesses Max is highly organized and often comes off as detached and uncaring.
Ambitions Since his first day in the Academy Max has wanted to command a ship of his own. Now that he has accomplished that goal he wonders if he is truly ready.

For now he will concentrate on his Job as the Commanding Officer of the Hope.
Hobbies & Interests Max is a fan of photography. While he does enjoy holo-photography he has a passion for old fashion photography using chemicals and film.

Personal History Born to Don and Betty McNeil both of whom where Star Fleet Officers. The earliest memories Max has is of growing up on a Star Fleet Ship. Specifically the USS Berlin an Excelsior class vessel. When He was eleven His father took a position teaching at the Academy, leaving Max and his Mother on the Berlin. Two years later his mother also was able to gain a teaching spot at the Academy. Max found living on Earth a big change from life on a ship. He found that it was hard to fall asleep without the sound of the ships engines.

As a child he would spend time look through old photo albums when he was ten his father bought him a camera as a birthday present and this started Max on a life long photograph hobby. At the age of fifteen he worked all summer in a antique shop to buy a old fashioned film camera. Then spent all of the next winter doing research to learn now to make film for it and how to develop the film. This led him to building a collection of antique cameras. Most of his collection is warehoused in his parents attic. This collection contains both antique cameras and replicas Max build himself. Max's favorites he keeps with him.

Max enrolled in Start Fleet Academy at age 18. Max never thought about any other career path other that Star Fleet due to it being part of his life since he could remember.
Service Record 2363: entered the Academy. While at the Academy Ham specialized in engineering studies. This led him to be in the Subspace Mechanics class taught by his mother. His performance in this class was not up to his mothers standards and she failed him. When he took the class a second time his mother passed him although according to his mother the passed only just barely. During a visit to his fathers Xeno-Biology class room he meet Lucy Ray a fellow Cadet. While there was obvious chemistry between the two Cadets nothing ever came of the relation ship due to Max not being passionate enough according to Lucy.

2367: Graduated from the Academy with the rank of Ensign and assigned to USS Crockett (NCC-38955) Excelsior class ship as the warp systems specialist. Max was ecstatic to be assigned to the Crockett fresh out of the Academy as he had always had a soft spot in his heart for the Excelsior class. This was due to spending his early years on the Excelsior class ship USS Berlin (NCC-14232).

2370: Transferred to the USS Lexington (Nebula Class, NCC-61832) as the damage control specialist. During his time on the Lexington he visited Deep Space Nine and took part in fighting off the Borg during the second Borg incursion in 2373. As a result of this action he was seriously injured and had to have reconstructive surgery on his right arm and both legs. The bones in his right arm and both legs had to be replaced with artificial bone replacements. The Lexington was repaired and took part in the first battle of Chin'toka in 2374.

2375: Transferred to the USS Renegade (New Orleans Class, NCC-63102) as an engineering officer with a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. While serving on the Renegade he meet Stacy LaDay. She was assigned to the ships stellar cartography department. For a while it seemed that things were going well but Max's failure to properly express himself caused the relationship to end. As part of the Renegades crew Max took once again saw action in the Second Battle of Chin'toka. The Renegade was severely damaged to the point it was almost scraped but due to the high number of losses Star Fleet had suffered in the war the ship was put into dry dock and remained there until 2376. Once out of dry dock the Renegade was assigned to map the Lorvan stellar cluster.

2381: Transferred to the USS Wyoming (Mediterranean Class, NCC-43730) as the Chief Engineer. After the war the Wyoming was assigned to patrol the Federation-Breen boarder. While on the Wyoming Max started thinking about the rest of his carrier in Star Fleet and after speaking with the Captain he took and passed the Bridge Officers Exam. He started out taking the occasional night watch on the bridge and in 2384 he was made the ships First Officer and received a promotion to Full Lieutenant.

2388: Transferred to the USS Hope (Olympic Class, NCC-60973) as the Commanding Officer.