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The Beginning of a Mission and the Resumption of My Time

Posted on Wed Jan 25th, 2017 @ 9:54pm by Captain Varik Raymond

Welcome back cast and crew of Star Trek: Hope. It is with a posture of affirming pride and beaming joy that I return to this, your sim, and with a deeply humbled and hopeful heart that I return to her passageways, and to her bridge.

My name is David Joseph Moody, and I greatly, with all three names, appreciate your patience as I made my way over the past few weeks clear across the Federation from Earth, the Americas, north eastern seaboard, to catch up with you far beyond my past walks, along the exciting new Iconnu frontier.

It was back in 2011 that I, with Peter Bower, launched the olympic class starship Hope. Oddly, back then, Varik Raymond was a lieutenant commander who had taken years upon years to trickle upward in rank having started as an Ensign-ranked NPC I created specifically to work alongside the Catian Chief Enigeer of the first sim I began, Star Trek: Victory. If you wondered, that's the very same starship Victory that is rolling strong over in TF38 under the auspices of my former Executive Officer, Rhea Kennit. (Would you believe that it took until her player had worked on our shared story alongside me for a decade that her first name rhymes not with "onomatopoeia," but with "hey"? You should.)

On the Victory, back in my lovely, raunchy and 24th-century-laden thirties, Varik Raymond and a certain Doctor Farkas Amiri Vanth met, had mixed feelings about one another but got along, then had mixed feelings about one another, then had puppies, had mixed feelings about one another before they went, it seemed, their separate ways. As the fate we enscribe, you and I, would have it however, Lenti Utex, who was for a full decade my main character in sim life, found his way to the Admiralty shortly after I adjoined my sim to Bravofleet, offering canonization of the Victory into Bravofleet lore. As Peter and I incepted Hope, a platform within which I felt the Victory's former CMO would flourish, it seemed only to make sense that these puppy makers be thrown back together -- and they tried. To be entirely fair and honest, Vanth tried. It was Varik, reaching deep down into -- or copping out with, perchance, his logical Vulcanity that refrigerated the air between the two Starfleet officers. Would that it were, then, that their former Commanding Officer, Admiral Utex, had not seen fit (no really, he thought it was a good fit; he didn't know about any puppies of any damned sort) to place Varik in the Exec spot on the Round Tables's (see TF38's tales of BF Canon, thank you) medical explorer directly under Commanding Officer Vanth, who was somehow suddenly and magically qualified, like a certain Doctor Beverly or that greek-betazoid mass of hair from the 24th century cheerleader's squad, to command a starship. Varik, for his paret, didn't stick around too long. He muttered something about Vulcans not petting their furry offspring, much less having furry offspring, and just ... bolted.

And, which is never a good word to begin any sentence, much less a paragraph with, now the tables have turned. More to the point and far more precisely, the chairs ... have ... musicalled. And there have we. With the twenty-fifth century looming, Varik Raymond is certain he wants to be a child of the 80s (2380s), but time is running short.

Varik is back, and he has been tasked with briefly stopping at several ports of call in 72 -- Carwennan, Roosevelt and DS12, to pick up both Hope's crew and the requisite upgrades, renovation workers and refit pieces in preparation for Hope's slightly altered mission parameters: we are now tasked with establishing as many peaceful diplomatic ties as possible within the expanse from among those appropriate worlds we explore, encounter and/or study. As such, we will be taking on some diplomatic staff, as well as members of heretofore unheard of species -- especially extremophiles (yes! I love extremophile sports, like melt ball) for whom we'll have to make and maintain appropriate living spaces in the sphere. [Pinned idea: should we give that round forward section a special name, like cue ball, ball peen or balloon?] Engineering, you will be especially challenged to come up with creative ways to do this while still allowing for interaction between disparate species. You're in luck, however -- your hale and hearty Shannon has happily transmogrified into Hope's new Assistant Chief Engineer -- so be aware that I'll always have someone looking under my shoulder to be certain I'm doing it right.

I'm glad to be here, folks, and I'll do my best to be certain that each and every one of us are equally as glad.

To Hope!

David Joseph Moody
Captain Varik Raymond, Hope Actual


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