1: General

1.1: Be respectful to the other players on the sim. Discrimination and Harassment will not be tolerated. Think before you type and then think again before hitting the send button.

1.2: This is a 13+ rated sim. If they could not get away with it on a episode of Star Trek you can not get away with it here. If there is any question about weather your post is acceptable under the 13+ rating get with the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer for a second opinion.

1.3: If you need to take time off from the sim let the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer know. We understand that real life can be a pain and we will work with you. If necessary a Leave Of Absence (LOA) will be granted.

1.4: Any player who has not logged on to the sight and/or has failed to answer tags and Privet Messages or any other type of communications from the Command staff for a month will be removed from the sim.

1.5: At the end of each mission a roll call will be taken. A roll call post will be sent out and failure to respond to the roll call post will result in the removal of any and all players who do not respond. Players are expected to respond within the time frame specified in the post. The specified time will not exceed four weeks and will be no less that two weeks.

1.6: The Command Staff is here for you. If you have question or a problem let the Commanding Officer or Executive Officer know. We will work with you to sort out any difficulty.

1.7: You are an important part of this sim. If you have an idea for a mission or side plot let the Command Staff know we want to hear from you. No good idea will be turned away.

2: Posting

2.1: All players are expected to post once every two weeks. If you are part of a Joint Post in the main story line of the mission this will be relaxed due to the time necessary to complete such posts.

2.2: All players are expected to respond to any tags in Join Posts in a timely manner. Tags should not be left answered for more that two to three days.

2.3: All posts will have a title, time stamp, and location. There are fields at the top of the post form for this information. If a post is posted with out this information the player or players involved in the post will be directed to add this information.

3: Player Characters and Non-Player Characters:

3.1: Each Player will control the Player Character and any Non-Player Characters they created. No other player will be allowed to write for them without the permission of the player those Characters belong to.

3.2: Before Creating a Non-Player Character each player should get with the Department Head the Non-Player Character will be a part of to ensure that they are Ok with the addition to their department. For obvious reasons a Department Head is free to crate a Non-Player Character with in their own department.